Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pink Opal Rainforest Ladybug Sock Pattern

This is a nice, stretchy pattern with an interesting texture.

Size 2 (USA) needles, 2 circular
Opal Rainforest Ladybug Sock Yarn or yarn of your choice

Pattern is 5 sts and 4 rows, so it is easily adaptable to make it smaller or larger

These instructions are for Ladies, Medium

Cast on 60

Ribbing: Knit 3, purl 2 ribbing to desired length.

Rows 1 - 3: Knit
Row 4: * K1, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog * to end of row

Follow Rows 1 - 4 to heel and continue in pattern over instep while using stockinette on bottom of foot.

Heel Instructions - please see Flag Waving Sock Pattern or follow your favorite heel pattern.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Pink Bird's Mini Sock Pattern

Pink Bird used Interlacement's Tiny Toes to knit her socks.
size 2 USA Needles
2 stitch markers

Cast On 20 stitches
Divide onto two needles and join (10 sts each needle)
Do ribbing of knit 1, purl 1 for 7 rows
Stockinette stitch for 11 rows
Heel stitch: on one needle:
Row 1: slip 1, knit 1 across row, turn
Row 2: slip 1, then purl across row, turn
continue these two rows 4 more times ending on purl row
Heel turn:
knit 5, k2tog, k1, turn
slip 1, p2, ssp, p1, turn
slip 1, k3, k2tog, k1, turn
slip 1, p4, ssp, turn
knit 6
pick up 6 stitches on heel flap and 1 between heel flap and instep, place marker
knit 5 instep stitches and move to needle with picked up gusset stitches
knit next 5 instep stitches, place marker, pick up 1 stitch between instep and heel flap, then pick up 6 stitches on heel flap, knit 3 stitches from heel onto this needle.

knit three heel stitches, then gusset stitches through back loop, sl marker, then knit 5 instep stitches, slip marker, knit 7 gusset stitches through back loop, knit 3 heel stitches.
next row knit until 3 from marker, k2tog, k1, sl marker, k instep sts, sl marker, k1, ssk, knit to end.
Next row knit around.
Continue last two rows until there are five stitches on heel portion of each needle, then knit around for desired length of lock within 1/2 inch of desired end of sock.

Toe Decreases:
*knit to within 3 of marker, k2tog, k1, sl marker, k1, ssk* for one row
Next row knit around
Continue last two rows until there are 4 stitches on each needle
Cut yarn leaving an 10 inch tail - thread needle with tail and thread through live stitches, remove from needles and draw up tight. Weave in tail and clip off thread.
You may also kitchener closed, if you wish.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Icarus Shawl

Good morning on this bright and sunny Florida morning. We are saying good bye to friendly Alberto who paid us a visit and with his gentle rain put out numerous wildfires and assuaged the dry conditions in many parts of our state. Here in Tallahassee, all is lovely and green.

Speaking of lovely and Icarus shawl is coming along. I am knitting it in SeaSilk, the Paris colorway which has deep purple, jungle green, with some copper iridescents -- really soft and lovely. Size 5 needles give it a nice fabric, but I think I could have even gone up to size 6. I'm playing the length out by ear because I only have 3 hanks of it which is the equivilant of 1200 meters. I am now on the second repeat of chart 1 and am loving the design and the way it looks. It is not as lacy as the shown pattern, but I am happy and plan to do Icarus in something more delicate at a later time.

I hope to put pictures up soon.

Pegasus (Peggy K)